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having a baby.

It’s the 28th of July, which means it’s been almost 4 weeks since BB was born. Bam, a bomb dropped. I wonder if I should start writing from the beginning. Everyone says the newborn stage doesn’t last long and to treasure the days. I didn’t understand at first but now…

Life has changed, and I’ve been grappling with how to go on and not completely lose my mental health. I used to write a lot (I say this, like, every time I’ve blogged since like 10 years ago lol) and maybe it was therapeutic and helped me sort my thoughts…

I guess it was time. I had forgotten my password to my old blog, so it seemed the time was ripe for a new one. I did a quick search, “best blog platforms” and quickly came upon an article for year 2021. I skimmed through the offerings and landed on…

Looks like you’ve shaken up the landscape of blogging. Let’s see what you can do.


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